What are your hobbies/Interests?

Beside the almost obligatory fandom of movies, TV and video gaming, what do our member get up to in their spare time?

I know we have some budding photographers…
Showing off some photography
Novatech Photographers

…and maybe the next Bill Gates or Clive Sinclair in the makings…
Single board computer
Creating my very first PCB

But what do you get up to when not in front of your computer.

Are you that guy that goes LARPing every other weekend or spends hours on end up to your waist in a river awaiting “the one that got away”?

Tell us all about your favourite thing to do that gets to devour your spare time, and who knows you may find a kindred spirit or possibly someone who has a bigger obsession with Barbie dolls than you do :slight_smile:

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Does drinking count?

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@codemonkey … I think that’s high on most peoples lists :slight_smile: lol

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I tend to have habits rather than hobbies… drinking, gambling, smoking (before I quit)… :grin:


Aside from my gaming addiction, I find myself a bit of a jack of all trades.

Pretty much anything arts and crafty, and with my new found ailment of not being able to eat Gluten I’ve kinda forced myself to take to cooking more and baking.

I spend an unhealthy amount of time in Pinterest looking up new craft ideas, drawing inspiration and new recipes.

Dont really have much time for much else, I’m an avid cook with West Indian (Trinidadian) dishes being my real love. Like others I love a good drink also lol. And am a committed Father to 3 girls and 1 boy so thats pretty much me sorted lol! And have a slight addiction to tattoos also :wink:

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[quote=“Jonny2Bad, post:6, topic:253”]
And am a committed Father to 3 girls and 1 boy so that’s pretty much me sorted lol!
[/quote] Here, here. As a father of 3 girls myself I can agree they keep you very busy and for the most part your wallet empty lol.

But when I do get some spare time between looking after the girls, gaming and my movie/TV series addiction… I enjoy making paper models (Yeah… geeky I know!!)

Here an Example of a few that I have done recently, some were pieces specifically as gifts or requests from work colleagues. The R2-D2 and Ed209 are sat on my desk at work :slightly_smiling:


Thats some pretty cool stuff mate, all made out of paper and nothing else?

@Jonny2Bad Thanks

Yep. All 100% paper, printer ink and glue (with the exception of a few wires on Ed209 and obviously the real Lego C3PO on the base)

These are the Star Wars Miniatures that I also have sat on my desk. To give you an idea on how small these are the display stand (1st Pic) each shelf is only 6cm tall, and each of the fighters are only about 3 - 4cm on their stands!


So cool, really quirky too which I like, must take a lot of patience to do that :sunglasses:

When i am not getting sunk in World of Warships i fly RC aircraft which i either build from scratch or just purchase. I go to a couple indoor flying clubs and yes the models are small average 450mm wingspan. The smallest model i made so far is 210mm WS.

I love riding bike, it gives me adrenaline and makes me less anxious

That ed209 is awesome!! Great skills.

I’m into photography, oldschool gaming and collecting, pc’s, 80s/90s movies…if you can consider that geeky stuff haha