What CPU are you all running with what overclock/settings

Thought I would see what you all are running and what settings have you got?
I’m running

Thats my top benching settings which is 4.5ghz @1.24v and cache 4ghz, my 24/7 settings are pretty much the same but 4.2ghz @1.1v which is so much cooler.
Ive got the cpu stable 4.6ghz @1.28v but the heat was not very comfortable.
The Ram is 2666mhz @3000mhz
Both GPU’s are at core 1070/memory 1350 (highest I managed for benching was 1083/1405

I7 4790K ran at 1.150V - 4GHz base and 4.4GHz turbo stock settings

Running at 4.7GHz turbo with adaptive voltage to +0.100V which i though was quite good. I could push it further but it started to get to warm for my liking. now it is floating at 65-70C under load and 35-40C idle which i can live with

When i pushed it to 4.9GHz with a +0.14V but this sat at 45C idle and climbed into the 80’sC under load which is just asking for death in my eyes

The RAM i adjusted from 1600MHz to 1800MHz which i had to do as the CPU kept causing blue screens. RAM speed doesn’t really bother me too much, if i must increase it then i will but i am not fussed

My GPU is actually running stock speeds because i love EVGA card but i hate the overclocking software so i dont touch it

For bench marking i used Pass mark to just burn it in to look for stability problems but that is about it really

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Currently have a fourth gen i5 3570K overclocked to 4.0Ghz using a Corsair H80i, on an Asrock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard.

Made the modifications in the BIOS using Asrock’s built in tools and it took care of all the voltages for me so have no idea what they are set to. :grin:

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Ive benchmarked mine at stock and overclocked there is no real world benefit with the x99 platform at all apart from maybe a slight raise in minimum fps levels but that could just be coincidental, so its not an essential part of overclocking for me.

I use Afterburner much better and can be used with all cards.


I am running an i5 6600k 3.5 base clock, Overclocked to 4.6.

At first I feared this was too high but after loads of benchmarking and stress tests it proved it was really stable!

Yes i have always found memory overclocking only really needs to be done for CPU stability and even then it is not a common case

I though Afterburner was an MSI technology for there cards, or am i talking nonsense


That’s actually pretty good. I always find the I5 variant of the series can clock to at least the I7 speeds as they are the same CPU just no hyper threading and a reduced speed. Of course if it is a binned processor then it can be problematic but this actually pretty good for the I5 as i believe it is stock at 3.9 for turbo boost (off the top of my head). So you’ve done well there my friend!

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Hi harry

Afterburner is for GPU’s yes.
I tried over clocking my gpu but after a crash I was too scared to do it again so unclocked and left it there for now haha.

Yes I am very happy with my CPU to the point where I am not really sure I need to upgrade to an i7, my GPU is my bottleneck at the moment I am sure, actually going to so some benchmarking tests today to find out where my bottleneck is.

It works on all cards and I’ve found it to be the best overall so far, although I haven’t tried any of the newer versions of the other variants, but I hear the Evga software is pretty good now.

You say the EVGA newer version are good. Take a read here at the reviews, they are quite funny: http://store.steampowered.com/app/268850/

That is the reason i avoid it. However now i have my 1070 rather than 950, i am tempted to give it a go and see what i can get out of it

Just stick with Afterburner! Thats what I use, it’s very stable on my 2 290’s. Looks like the Evga update wasn’t so hot then lol so scrub that comment and replace it with it used too be good :laughing: