What shiny new things did people get from Santa then?

I alas didn’t get anything PC wise as I tend to buy my own stuff. For my son a new 2k monitor though, my eldest daughter a sound bar and sound card and new ssd and new headset, and my youngest daughter a new headset also.

Nice. I treated myself to the new iPad Pro as my old tablet was showing its age. Everyone else mostly bought me booze, lol

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That’s cause we know you so well =D


Ha ha quality sounds perfect, I did buy myself 2 samsung 250g ssd’s to replace my sandisk raid drive, which I fitted last night, but am having so much trouble with my Asus deluxe at the moment I really think it needs to come back to you as its been nothing but trouble from the start :cry:


going to buy myself a new case though as a late xmas pressie :slight_smile: looking at the ncase m1 in silver currently!

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Synology Diskstation 414+

I spent an incredibly satisfying Christmas day playing with DNS and SSL/TLS certificates and ignoring everybody :smile:



Free SSL 1 year trusted certs…


I got a nice desk lamp for my electronics. My pressie to myself this year was having a new single-board PCB made - which I’ll post in a bit :).
As for giving; I got my nieces and nephews an Xbox One. They love it :smile:.

Let’s encrypt - free ssd forever :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally set up one of my other Christmas presents the other day.

Got a raspberry Pi 2 with a case, Micro SD card and cables.

Installed the RetroPi distribution and plugged in a wired Xbox 360 controller, copied over some ROMs and then had a fun evening of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Alpha 3, Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World :smile:


Very nice pal, this is something that I have had on my ever growing ToDo list for a while now and this has made me need a RetroPi setup even more now :smile:

I found [someone] (Fynsya - Etsy UK) who makes 3D printed custom case for the PI. I think the Atari one would be perfect for a retro PI :smile:

I just got a basic case but it blends in well with the rest of my black equipment

Oh now this is fantastic! Ive been meaning to get one of these myself for so long after seeing my cousins, after seeing this its definitely jumped up my list also lol

It’s all nice and fairly straightforward to set-up too with this guide

Happy retro gaming! :grin:


Only issues I had were some of the emulators…

N64 one was basically unplayable. Also couldn’t get the Dreamcast one past a time/date set-up screen as the controller mappings don’t seem to work. GameBoy Advance also wouldn’t start but I’ve read that may only happen with certain ROMs. Haven’t had the opportunity to try any other ROMs with it yet.

But the NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive and Playstation emulators worked flawlessly.

Nice to hear someone using RetroPie! It is so easy to use and set up, although you do need to tweak the individual emulators to get the most out of them. It is possible to get the N64 working with some games, for example if you apply the correct settings, Mario Kart 64 works almost perfectly (I haven’t achieved this myself, but I tried my friend’s setup). I’ve not tried GBA yet, but I’ve had no issues with most Playstation and below games I’ve tried.

I went for this case as I preferred the open style:

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I had Ocarina of Time, Banzo Tooie and Super Mario Party running, and in a lot of parts running correctly, but then certain audio playing would breakup and crackle and then performance would drop through the floor. As soon as the sound stopped playing, the performance would go back to normal.

I tried changing the emulator engine used on the N64 over to mupen64plus-gles2n64 and changed the audio settings as recommended in a lot of articles but still had the same issues. I may try again at a later date.