What's going to be under your tree this year?

Is Santa bringing anybody any cool tech this year? Will there be a shiny new 1080 waiting under the tree for you?

I’ve left it up to the missus this year and didn’t ask for anything in particular at all, we will see if I get anything good!

I’ll have very little under there this year. Wife bought me a Nike Apple Watch as an early present and I already bought myself a ROG 1080 Strix :grin:

She said she wasn’t going to get me anything else, but I might have one or two little pieces

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I also am hoping for an Apple watch this year but thinking it could be a little over the top to expect the kids to get me 1 lol, but am hoping to treat oneself to a Samsung 960 m2 evo 512g if all goes to plan :wink:

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The lady got me a Canon EOS 1300D which was a big surprise. I mentioned earlier in the year how I’ve always had an interest in photography (my mum was a professional photographer through my childhood so I could never escape it!) but I just never got around to buying a camera/spent the money on games or other crap instead.
Seems pretty sweet so far! Just gotta learn how to use it properly :wink:

Also got some Lego Dimensions sets, and an assortment of random but cool things + chocolate! Good Christmas :slight_smile:

Nice. I have a Canon 6D (full frame sensor), and a 24-70 f2.8 L Series lens :slight_smile:

Love photography but haven’t had the opportunity to use it much recently … need to get back into it, but I want to do studio portraiture stuff so need to invest in some lighting gear - and I’d need the room in the house to set it up.