Where is my Windows 10 Product Key?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice please. I was considering a re-fresh of my PC and OS and was assuming that I would need to have my Windows 10 Product Key to be able to complete the installation.

Is someone able to tell me where I can find it, is it saved to a file somewhere on the PC?

Thank you


If the machine was prebuilt by us with Windows 10 on it for you, then it’s very likely that the product key doesn’t exist physically. Instead it will be digitally embedded within your motherboard; what this means, is that should you wish to reinstall Windows 10 on that, it will automatically pick up the key that’s already embedded within it and activate for you.

If, however, this was a Windows 10 that you’d purchased separately from the Machine and installed yourself, then the Product Key would likely be on the back of the DVD slip of the installation media.

Hope that helps!


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Oh, thank you very much for that, thought I was going mad not being able to find it! I’ll go ahead and do that this weekend then, if I have any troubles with anything I will come back here and post!

Thank you for your help.