Which PSU for Novatech P15SM?

Hey everyone ! I’ve just wanted to know if any if you would know what power supply I could get for my laptop. It’s a P15SM with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ, NVIDIA GTX 770M, 4GB of RAM. I’ve recently got the computer on eBay for a very good price but the power supply included (the seller mentionned it was unofficial and ) seems to be at a lower amperage than the amount needed by the laptop (19v, 3.42a at output). I tried to use it and it seems to work correctly (the laptop indeed charges) however I’ve noticed the first time I pushed the CPU at high usage that the power brick started getting really hot (to the point where it just became impossible to touch and started to melt (two little bumps appeared on the plastic)). I immediatly unplugged the charger once I noticed that. Now I’m still using the charger but with the laptop turned off (the PSU doesn’t seem to overheat that way). I’ve read online that lower amperage on the charger side is apparently unlikely to cause damage to the laptop as long as the voltage is the same value on both sides. So, I plan on getting a new PSU but I wanted to make sure what voltage the laptop needed to work safely. I searched on many topics but I still don’t know if I need to get a 19v charger or a 19.5v for my specific model. The laptop seems to power on with the 19v charger I currently have but I don’t know if it’s the official voltage for that model.

Thank you in advance !


For P150SMx series of chassis that adaptor is very wrong. It is far under the required current (amp) and use of this adaptor could be dangerous with the laptop under load as the laptop will try to take more current than the adaptor can produce which might result in damage.

Your unit can use either a 19.5v adaptor with at least 9.2A of current
a 19v adaptor with at least 9.5A of current.

Hi, thank you for your answer !
The BIOS and the back of the laptop indicates it’s a P15SM model. Is it the same as the PS150SM regarding this type of parts ? Thank you in advance.

Yep same thing, P15SM is the chassis master code if you like and this would have come as possibly just one but usual more different types and these would then be models
P150SM, P151SM, P155SM etc