Which VPN do you use?

Hi forumites!

My subscription with PIA has just expired so I’ve gone for NordVPN for the next year.

Generally I’m finding the speed much the same and the NordVPN Windows client is much better than PIA’s which was rather basic and there was always a 30-second period of no connectivity when switching servers. That’s down to a few seconds with NordVPN which is much better.

Just interested to hear which VPNs you use/recommend? And any bad experiences?

I still use PIA as I have 254 days left on my subscription :laughing:

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Given this story yesterday … it’s definitely time to start looking into VPNs if you don’t already have one

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It’s only a matter of time before the data is leaked, either by incompetence or malice… look at the amount of data that the Govt has lost before by leaving laptops/USB sticks on trains and the like. Then it will fall into the hands of at best blackmailers and ID fraudsters. At worst a totalitarian government enforcing their own agenda. Scary stuff really.

Secure “no logs” VPN is the way to go… on top of the usual protection too (firewall, antimalware, antivirus, https everywhere, adblock, privacybadger, etc etc).