Win 10 Update made my computer a Boot Slug

Novatech product: PC-X007241
Intel i3-7100 @ 3.9GHz. 64bit.
RAM 8 Gigs. Boot drive 250 Gigs SSD. and 1 TB Spinning Rust for data.
Running Win 10 - 1709.

Previously the macine would boot to the Password dialogue screen in 15 seconds, once entered, the Desktop would display after aprox 1 more minute.

I booted the machine on the morning of Feb 1st 2018 and it worked as normal, during that time a Win 10 update was Auto installed.
KB4058258 thereafter when rebooted, and anytime cold booted since, the boot process has turned the machine booting into a slug.

Boot to Password dialogue remains at 15 seconds, thereafter it is four and a half minutes before I get a desktop display. (4.5 minutes).

I’m just a computer user with a little knowledge, so what has suddenly happend to my computer?


I have an idea but I’ll wait until some knowledgeable folks have made some suggestions before my amateur muddying the water.


Well, I guess no answer = something on the computer is now f u and I need to contact tech support.

With a many years old computer I expect the boot time to become longer, as is he case with my other old Novatech machine, but this particular machine is only a few month old (3 months IIRC), an SSD boot drive, relatively little installed so far, and to go from one boot up in normal time 1 min 15 seconds to the next boot up a few minutes later of 4.57 minutes means something is wrong.

But what?
I’m a user of computers not a techie so I have no idea what to do next?


What is the damn computer doing for those four and a half minutes before it gives me the desktop?
It’s obviously doing something because the indicator red light on the case flashes.


Hi Dave, try this toubleshooting link from Microsoft

Sometimes files can get corrupted during updates or old files left behind (Thanks Microsoft :+1: ) and cause these sort of issues.

Please note: I am not Novatech staff.

Thanks Luke, appreciate you taking the time to answer,

I downloaded the diagnostic tool and ran it, it fixed two little problems but left one “Not fixed.”

“Windows update components must be repaired.”
“One or more Windows update components are configured incorrectly”

No idea what that all meant, so Googled it.
Considering the computer is only a few months old and I just let it get on with the updating whenever it fancies, I have no idea what might be configured incorrectly or how it got in that state.
However, more searching seems to indicate that to fix it, whatever “it” is, a lot of Registry fiddling is required.

I’m a computer user, not an expleting tech person so I’m not sure what to do…

The two items the tool fixed didn’t make any difference to the Boot time.

Thanks again

Can you try this?

Start > Search ‘cmd’ > Right click and ‘Run as Administrator’ > in the black box type “sfc /scannow” without the quotation marks and see if that finds anything to repair.

Ran that scan and…
“Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations”


A friend suggested installing “BootRacer” and it timed the boot from password screen to a usable Desktop as 320.50 seconds (5 minutes 33 seconds) and “Extremely slow”.

It also noted the very few startup apps I have, only made a difference of a couple of seconds.

This is so ridiculous, a new computer just a few months old, booting from an SSD and taking 5+ minutes to go through the boot up process… :frowning:

It’s just far beyond expletives…

Sorry bud, I’m all out! Computers are a pain in the ass.

Get in contact with Novatech Support, they’ll be able to help more.

Problem is, Novatech support is difficult to actually contact, apparently they are busy. :wink:

Was in Tech support Live Chat earlier and a suggestion was made, exited Live Chat to test it, BIOS and Load Optomized Defaults, reboot etc, but when I went to do Live Chat again it was, as it is much of the time these days, Unavailable. Yes I know they are busy…

FWIW. Loading Optomized Defaults, then doing a Save and Exit made no difference to the Boot time, still 5 min 33 Seconds.

When Live Chat is not available you can send a message, which I’ve done, but I don’t have much hope of seeing a reply.

Hell fire, 5 minutes and 33 seconds to boot a relatively news SSD computer… I also have an old Win 7 Pro computer (Novatech) all on Spinning rust, which over the years has been loaded to the gunwales with apps and even that doesn’t take 5 minutes to boot up.


It’s possible there’s some sort of hardware fault if it’s taking that long to boot.
If you’ve had the device under a year request to send it back under warranty for a repair.
These sort of issues are hard to troubleshoot and diagnose without physically having the device in front of you as you’ve experienced!

Yes I’ve been thinking about that, though it has already been back… After two weeks the power supply died a fatal death.

Originall received the machine from Novatech on 23/7/17 so it is still well within warranty, but returning it again is a last resort, as I’d have to transfer my work stuff off it on to another machine so I can continue with the work.
All my passwords etc would need to be removed, not talking about the Win Logon, but the others.

I’ll give a day or two more, but if nothing is forthcoming, I guess I shall have to bite the bullet.
Thanks for your though, appreciated.


Have you tried checking for PUPs/other malware? Is the PC connected by ethernet or wifi ? Which anti virus do you use?
If you wish to check for malware then use Malwarebytes and see what it finds
do the free download and don’t activate the trial for the pro version.
My PC is lots older than yours and is running W10 1709 and doesn’t exhibit slow downs you experience. I added a SSD about 6 months ago and it flies compared to before. I don’t get on here often but I will get a mail saying this thread has been updated so I will try and help when possible. Good luck

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.
Windows Defender Security Center handles the stuff on this W10 computer.

I already use Malwarebytes regularly and it doesn’t find anything to quarantine.

Obviously the computer is network connected, Wired and through a Router.

Had an email from Novatec support yesterday, to which I replied with the requested detail, but no communication today.


OK , have you looked in eventviewer to see if there any warnings or errors?

Remember I’m just a computer user, front end, with a bit of knowledge about behind the UI, but not any kind of tech guy.

Yes I have looked at the Event viewer, but that in itself is a problem…

  1. What particular log do I look at?

  2. What sort of thing am I looking for?
    Most of the references in the logs don’t mean much to me.



Not achieved much chatting to Tech support, so I guess I’ll need to bite the bullet and return it to Novatech for testing.

Over this past weekend, after some weighing up of my options I decided to to a Reset/Reinstall of
Windows 10, it was successful and the new naked boot time after inserting the login password to the desktop display was a couple of seconds.

Aside from a few apps that I’m not going to reinstall, I spent all of Sunday reinstalling, reconfiguring all the uninstalled apps… PITA!

With that done the boot time, ready to go, post password is now 21.062 seconds, and if I including the password bit it takes time up to 28.062 seconds ready to use.

Timings supplied by “BootRacer version 7.10”

So all in all a satisfactory end result… Not that I view the waste of a Sunday redoing something tedious that I did a few months ago as in any way satisfactory…

But at least I have my computer back usable.



As I now have my Win install back where it was pre Feb01 a supplementary question arises.

If I now clone this install on the SSD to another identical size SSD, can I in case of disaster remove the existing SSD and replace it with the clone… Would that work?


Hi arturox

If you clone the drive in its current state to a new drive and then decide to swap the SSDs over at a later time this will work absolutely fine.

Just remember that it will just effectively return the machine to whatever state the computer was in whenever the clone is made, so any setting or program changes on the currently active drive would be lost.