Win7 to Win 10 upgrade problem

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help or advise on my problem. I purchased Win 10 from Novatech a couple of years back, tried it and wasn’t very comfortable using it. So reverted to my Win 7 64-bit which was able to do all I required. Over time there have been a couple of hardware updates to my PC, cpu, motherboard, memory, etc. Recently I was phished and to get away from this lowlife, I changed server and email address, plus phone number. This caused enough midnight oil usage, now a couple of months later with all seemingly going well my PC Desktop crashed, and no way could I get Win 7 to boot, so having an empty partition on one of the 4 HDs installed approx. 450Gb in size I dug out the Win 10 DVD and installed, OK at first until activation was requested and Microsoft refused to activate giving reasons which were really not applicable, such as too many activations used, as this was the second then more than one is too many? I was offered a fresh activation code for £119.00 may have 99p. on it. can’t remember exactly.
Now you may ask if I have backups, well yes but for some unknown reason they refuse to work, so I am getting to the point of saying goodbye to Microsoft and looking for an Apple a road I am not very keen on taking.
So last but not least can anyone reading this understand and know how to solve this problem. Many thanks in advance for any useful guidance in the matter.
As a long time member of this forum, but have not been active here for quite a while, I know that in the past there are some very helpful and knowledgeable members, and that members of Novatech staff also had an active participation on the forum.
Anyway thanks for reading and best wishes to all, staff included.

So just so I understand the situation. You purchased a Windows 10 preloaded PC from us. You downgraded to Windows 7. Now you have moved back to Windows 10 which has been installed from DVD and now you are having issues activating Windows. Basically system wont activate correct??

I purchased Windows 10 from Novatech, but the PC was self built using parts purchased from Novatech some time previously.
Win 10 boots OK but how long it will last if not activated? Each time I try it immediately tells me it can’t be activated, with reasons. Then it advises to use the trouble shooter which goes through it’s set routine with no success, it does say if I enter my initial signing on ID and password it could help. But in the passing of time I have lost any possible chance of remembering or retrieving them.
My eldest son works in IT and says to phone Microsoft and explain verbally. But I expect that would be an expensive international call.
Thanks for your interest.

Firstly make sure that you have definitely entered your unique Windows 10 product key from the COA that came with your Windows 10 pack. If you have not entered a product key and instead allowed windows to install using its build key then system will not activate as Microsoft built in build key is a blocked key and is just for install purpose. Customer must update this key to unique came from COA before activation.

Windows 10 also uses a detailed hardware hashing system in order to map licence keys to the hardware it is used on. This is to make sure that keys are being used correctly and only on the system they are entitled to be used on. For example OEM versions of Microsoft products do not have transfer rights and thus live and die on the original system they are activated on. If as you have mentioned you have done extensive hardware upgrade such as replacing CPU and Motherboard since first using your copy of windows 10 and activating it originally then this would be classed as a new system and thus an OEM licence cannot be reused on this new build system. It would require a new licence. Microsoft determine this through a weighting system, if enough of the system hash has changed versus the original hash the system was activated on then activation will be refused.

Retail versions of Microsoft products do not have this limitation and can be moved between systems as long as it is not used on more than one system at the same time as one key only covers one system.

So as I said if you have entered your product key correctly and the system is refusing activation then this could be because of the extent of the hardware changes especially if this is OEM Version.

You may be able to get Microsoft to activate it but this is not something we can assist with directly if the activation block is coming from them.

Microsoft Product Activation can be contacted on the following Number
United Kingdom
Mobile or Toll - 0203 147 4930
Toll Free - 0800 018 8354

Right Coops, you have given me the cause for this problem. I bought this copy of Win10 from Novatech, and not being aware of the OEM conditions took no notice of the label on sleeve saying OEM. So why was I sold an OEM version, I wanted it as an upgrade to my Desktop, not for a bought PC , as I have always built my own PCs.
So now what should I do? Microsoft want £119.99p. for just a fresh activation code which presumably will still leave me with an OEM OS. Is a normal version the same price. And if I purchase a fresh copy non OEM would that have to be installed as such, or could my present installed OEM but not activated copy then be activated.
Sorry to trouble you with all this, but although I understand the assembling of a PC, I am not very good at using the software.
I will give their land line a shout, may get lucky. Thanks for their numbers.
Thanks again for your help and info.

Hi Kenman,

I cannot help you with your Windows boot problem, but if you are after getting lost data back then let me know as we partner with Novatech offering our data recovery services.

Regards John