Windows 10 100% disk usage

Looking online this seems to be quite a common problem. Usually after periods of inactivity. Despite not actually using the PC it shows 100% disk usage and of course stops.

This link supposedly provides a solution

And my Machine a Novatech Delta has the dreaded StorAHCI.sys driver. Tried updating. Nothing found

I’ve tried the windows fix in the registry but I can’t find any MSISupported key in the device instance path

Anyone fixed this problem?


I’ve had a similar issue, but I wasn’t able to work out the problem for myself. The problem PC is actually in with Novatech’s techs for the second time and in theory they’re taking a look

I assume this is an AMD Based Delta system

You could try the latest AMD Chipset package and see if that helps if not tried already

The link you pointed to refers to an issue related to system with PCIe based SSD storage using the AHCI rather than NVME Protocol. It could be related but if you could not find the registry key described then its more likely your issue is caused by something else.