Windows 10 All Apps list missing

The All Apps list which should appear when you press the Windows icon on Windows 10 is missing. I followed a guide, to verify if a hide option was ticked,it was not .
Any help to restore the list would be appreciated .
Thank you

I’m sorry to that Snes. Generally on the latest version of Windows (since the anniversary update), the all apps list is actually defaulted to be the main list as soon as you click the task bar. This will look much like a list more commonly found on Windows 7, able to scroll through and open up folders.

The right hand side would be used for any quick tiles, such as Weather, Mail for example.

If you’re able to take a screenshot of how your taskbar is, it might help figure out what the issue may be.

Hi JASL, thanks for the reply & help :slight_smile:
I have attached a screen shot ,fingers crossed :slight_smile: Uploading…

Unfortunately Snes, it appears the picture didn’t fully upload when you made the post.

You may have to give it a second shot and upload the picture, but wait a few moments while it uploads to the site before posting.