Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Hello Everyone!

To all you Windows 10-ites out there, you may have noticed the FREE (we love that word) Windows 10 Anniversary Update is upon us. I’ll list the new features in a moment but as a quick word of warning, this one is a big update, so make sure you have backups in place before going ahead. Better safe than sorry!

So, what’s changed?

Windows Ink

The new tablet-oriented sketching program is now more effective and responsive, allowing you to scribble, doodle, write and notate pretty much anywhere you want.

Microsoft Edge

Edge has received a little TLC. It’s been fleshed out with support for extensions (such as Adblock) and a few interface changes to make things easier to use.


The take it or leave it Voice command digital assistant. You’ll either ignore this entirely or you’ll submit your entire life to it. Now available at the lock screen, you can still search the internet with it, set notes and reminders and ask it if it likes Star Trek (It does!). It’s also a little more intelligent and is better integrated into the Windows experience.

New Visual Themes

Microsoft have added a new “Dark Theme” to the array of visual skins available in Windows 10. Useful as a midway point between the regular look and high-contrast mode, it’s also great for reducing eye strain.

UI Tweaks

Numerous changes here. The most notable being the “notifications” area moving to the FAR, FAR right and the “Start Menu” dropping it’s words, leaving behind just an assortment of icons. This is a 50/50. It’s neater, but harder to find certain areas for the newly initiated.

Xbox Play Anywhere

This one is a work in progress. The plan is to provide universal cross-platform support between Xbox and PC. It will support very few games to start with but given the right attention, this could be a game changer… literally.

Windows Defender

Defender now disables itself when installing a 3rd party anti-virus solution. To be honest, we thought it did that anyway.

That’s just a few of the changes. Let us know what you’ve noticed. What changes do you like? What don’t you like? How is Windows 10 working out for you?

Have fun!

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You forgot to mention it removes support for the policy setting that stops Microsoft centrally pushing out shortcuts into your start menu on the pro edition :frowning:


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That’s a useful one to know. Keep them coming! Thanks :slight_smile:

ok, you asked for it:



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That’s a good, useful article. It does seem that this anniversary has brought it’s fair share of bugs with it, but then it wouldn’t be the true Windows experience if it didn’t!

Much more information on the actual changes introduced in the anniversary update

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Good stuff! Thanks “Ross”! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, it’s not all bad. I tend to be a bit of a devils advocate - debates are much more interesting than people agreeing with each other all the time!

Ultimately, everyone wll install it, at some point. The thing that’s scaring me is the support for linux executables. Does that now mean a windows machine is now sucesseptible to linux malware too?


The Linux terminal will certainly be interesting to see. It’s not something we at Novatech get too involved in as we’re not Linux-orientated, but we’ll keep an eye on the pickup for this new feature.