Windows 10 black screen crash, with buzzing if audio is playing

Hello, I recently updated to Windows 10 and cleaned out the inside of my computer. Since then my PC has been crashing seemingly randomly with the symptoms in this posts title. I know it isn’t Windows 10 as it has happened before and after a clean install. I have to turn it off with the power button after it happens.

I have a feeling it’s something wrong with the hardware that I possibly removed/damaged whilst dusting.

Would anyone be able to help? How can I diagnose what is the source of this problem and go about fixing it?

Update it’s done it twice in less than an hour now and before going to black, the screen started glitching out and the cursor glitched also.

OS: Windows 10
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 series
Memory: 16gb
CPU: AMD FX™-8320 eight core processor


Sorry to hear your machine keeps crashing. While it could be a hardware issue that has happened after dusting, it may also be as simple as requiring an installation of your motherboard drivers for Windows 10. After the upgrade to 10, some of the old drivers may no longer be compatible and be causing issues. I’d suggest removing those drivers and installing your motherboard drivers fresh for Windows 10.

If these drivers are something you’d like us to locate for you, you’re welcome to get in contact with us over Live Chat or via email ( with your order number and we’d be able to source those for yourself.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response James.

I’m going to leave it for a while after a bit of troubleshooting. I’m currently using my television as a monitor to see if there was a fault with my monitor/hdmi cable. If I cannot solve the problem, I will contact whoever I need to get these drivers. Although if I do fix it I will also surely install these drivers.

Thanks again. If I have any more problems I’ll post again.

Okay so it crashed again but this time it was white not black. Will try installing the correct drivers.

Where can I find my order number? Looked at the paperwork that came with the computer and all i could find was the model number.

*update i found a box for order number, but it was empty, what can i do now?
I have a disc with motherboard drivers on it, but they wouldnt be for windows 10 as i bought the pc in november 2014

!st off download CPUZ and go the mainboard tab to find out out what motherboard you have, use that info to search for your drivers. Also you will need to unistall your gfx drivers and install the latest win10. Just out of interest how did you dust your pc? Always worth making sure you have all components seated correctly and all fans are working after anything like that.

Downloaded CPUZ and the motherboard i have is a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P. Having difficulty finding the correct drivers though. *nvm i found them. There is only drivers for audio, usb and lan though, will these be enough, or am i looking for other drivers?

Uninstalled my gfx driver and am installing the latest version for my card from the amd site.

Myself and my father cleaned the PC using a weak vacuum and a small paint brush. If i can’t solve the problem another way, I might open the PC again and see if anything is wrong.

Not sure I would advise this method at all, for fear of static damage by the bristles. I would also suggest checking everything is seated properly if the problem persists after new driver install.

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Am glad to hear you’ve managed to find the motherboard details, the audio USB and LAN should be enough for the motherboard. There may be some older chipset drivers for that board for a previous Windows Operating system. While it may work to install them and try them, it’s not something I can recommend as if there is a botched install job on some older chipset drivers it could cause some serious problems down the line.

I’m with Jonny2Bad on the paint brush method, might be best to try a different method in future, and definitely checking just to make sure nothing got accidentally knocked.

The glitching screen seems to be fixed, it hasnt happened in the past few days. Another problem has arisen though, with audio.

Played dark souls 3, some audio effects were missing, mainly character dialogue, ambiance music and sounds of weapons hitting enemies. I also tried saints row 4 and there wasn’t any audio at all, except for the start where the game developers are shown. Furthermore i also had issues with discord where the voices of my friends would be very quiet sometimes.

That is an odd issue.

It may be best to head into the Realtek Audio settings, or the Windows settings, just to make sure they’re set to stereo out put, and not 5.1. It’s a slim chance, but maybe the audio effects for those games are trying to output on the 5.1, and you’ve only got stereo plugged in, so they’re outputting to speakers that you don’t have connected and so can’t hear.

If not, unplug anything audio related. Turn it off, then turn it on and plug things in one at a time while you have the Realtek Audio settings open, it should give you a pop up that you’ve plugged something in, from here you can test them individually.

Also, don’t forget to check the audio settings of the games themselves, make sure they’re set correctly and nothing has been turned down in there.

Just returned from a 2 week holiday and the black screen problem is happening still, as well as a black screen sometimes before I can even log in.

I really don’t know what to do. I’ve reimstalled Windows 10 multiple times, gone back to system backup points, tried different monitors, tried different drivers. Is it worth taking it to the novatech store? This is a 2 year old £800 computer and I cannot afford another one and I really need it for university work in September.