Windows 10 drivers for older Novatech PC


I have a 2012 Novatech PC which I upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago.

Novatech order number 5040725

I am having lots of issues with the PC refusing to boot up (or wake up after sleeping) with my screen not coming back on giving my a black screen. If I try multiple resets and power cycling it will eventually reboot.

I want to check my drivers are correct but I cannot find the drivers for my PC on the forum. I cannot find any helpful information for my motherboard.

If I run the “wmic” command I get the following reply about my PC:

wmic baseboard get product

I have searched the forum and looked in Google for the latest drivers without success.

Where can I find the latest drivers please?

Thanks in advance for your help…


I have found the specification page for your motherboard , you will need to select tech support and all the drivers are there

Brilliant, thanks very much for your swift reply!!