Windows 10 FIREWALL Disabled

Windows 10 Firewall is Turned Off. Will not Turn On (Enable). When I try to enable I get ERROR CODE 0x8007042c. I also get the warning message that: Computer is Not Protected, Firewall is Turned Off.


have you got a third party anti-virus product on the pc?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble turning it on Hugh. The question Essexrob has asked is definitely relevant as a third party antivirus may have it’s own built in firewall which Windows has detected and turned its internal firewall off for, or this third party one is blocking the ability to turn on the Windows one.

The other things that I would suggest, is giving the machine a good check over for any malware or viruses, using either Malwarebytes or Superantispyware. Just to see if there is any malicious software causing the inability to turn the firewall on.

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