Windows 10 Free Upgrade and the 30 days rollback period

Hello all,

So, you’ve been offered the Windows 10 FREE Upgrade? Obviously, you’re excited and looking forward to a new, shiny version of Windows, but there is something to check before hitting that “YES!” button.

Not all laptops are compatible with Windows 10 and although the Windows 10 upgrade process will check your setup, green-lighting you if it is capable, there are some very specific, manufacturer only drivers that are required. Before you do the upgrade, please either check our Support section (Laptop Drivers) for drivers for your model, or contact our Technical Support team on 02392 322 500 Option 3 for assistance.

If you have already applied the update, you may find your laptop works perfectly, even if it is officially unsupported for Windows 10. However, any odd quirks or issues you get, may be a result of an incompatibility and should be expected to occur from time to time.

It is at this point that we would point out your two options. One, is to stay with Windows 10, expecting the odd issue but hopefully never experiencing anything that stops you entirely using it. The other option is the 30 day rollback, built right into Windows 10. If, within 30 days of upgrading, you change your mind, the following instructions should help:

  1. Left-click your Windows icon in the bottom left
  2. Choose “Settings”, then choose “Update and Security”
  3. Click “Recovery” on the left
  4. In the main panel you should see “Go back to Windows 7/8”. Choose this and follow the on-screen instructions

Note, if the 30 day period is exceeded, Windows will actively delete the old files and you will be unable to rollback.

I hope this is useful, but as always if you are unsure of anything, check with us before clicking yes.

All the best

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