Windows 10 No Password Reset Disc

Hello all,

I recently had a problem with my PC and so had to format it and reinstall Windows 10.

I have done this but I now can’t get past the Windows login screen as it is asking me for a password for the user default01. Obviously I don’t have a password for it and I didn’t make a password recovery disc before formatting the PC.

So essentially I’m now locked out.

I have tried several things I’ve read online, none of which work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Or should I suck it up and pay for one of these things [LINK REMOVED]

And if I do - will it work?



Hey Hannah,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles after the reinstall. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to give out advise or talk you through how to get around passwords I’m afraid, simply due to the legality of it all.

However it sounds like it’s more of a dodgy reinstall than anything else and it may be best to attempt the reinstall again: you may have some luck with the Windows Media Creation Tool if you have access to another PC and a USB stick, this’ll turn the USB stick into something you can install Windows from, and comes with the latest updates built in.

I hope this helps!

  • James
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You can create a password reset disk with USB /DVD/CD . and you can use it to boot your computer to get into your computer , you are able to change or reset a new password on your computer ,

HI Acbas

This would only work if you are able to log in to the PC in order to create the reset disc in the first place.

If you cannot log in to windows due to not having/forgetting the password, you cannot create a reset disc

Oh , we can use other ways to login into computer , for MS account user , he can get into Windows 10 with it ,
For other accounts user , like the Super account , CMD ,NT password can be used to do it ,

There are some free Live CDs that can help you get rid of a lost Windows password.
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor:

Hiren’s BootCD:

Or through the backdoor:

If you have to find out the password, Ophcrack is your best bet:

Using password reset disk is not the only way,it just one of the easiest ways to do it.
To bypass the Windows login screen,login another working account on the computer,you are able to delete the password of locked account,or use the NT password reset disc to make a new account and password to replace it.