Windows 10 not recognising a usb hard drive

I have a problem with windows 10 not recognising a usb external hard drive. I plug it and nothing happens (as if it hasn’t been plugged in). When I check in device manager under usb attached scsi (uas) mass storage device. I get the comment ‘Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)’

It’s a usb 3 toshiba 2.5" hard drive. I also tried a usb memory stick too - a sandisk cruser - and that didn’t appear either.

The other day what cured it was a shut down, battery and power pull and holding in the power switch for 40 secs. On power back up it worked again but I just did the reset procedure again today and it didn’t work
I can’t do all that every time I plug it in!
Is there a more permanent cure?

I using a Novatech Elite with windows 10.
model code: NNB-B97
part code: NNB-X07073
S/N: 7428829-01

Please try the suggestions made on Microsoft Forums:

Good luck.

Thanks, Jay. Lot’s I’d already tried there but also the cure too. Turned out to be in the powers options there’s an option to disable external storage after the pc goes to sleep and it doesn’t start again on waking. Which seems dumb.

thanks again!

doh. It’s happened again so that wasn’t the answer. I checked to make sure the new setting hadn’t changed back again and it’s still correct.