Windows 10 Upgrade battery won't charge

After upgrading to Windows 10 on my Novotech NSPIRE (C15B) my battery won’t charge. I’ve tried removing the battery, holding down the power button for 60s, then replacing the battery and rebooting but this has not worked. The driver pack available through the forum doesn’t seem to have anything for the battery. I’m I missing something? Thanks in advance!

Hi there Gavrob,

Unfortunately this would not have anything to do with which OS is running on the unit.

Rather the battery may require replacement or the laptop mainboard may have failed. In order to investigate further I would suggest that this is booked in with us for a chargeable diagnostics, you can book this by calling us on 02392 322 500 and speaking with our sales team.

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Hi Gavrob,

Just to throw in my 2 cents, it may also be worth uninstalling the ACPI battery driver in the system’s device manager (only uninstall do not delete). Once that is uninstalled scan for hardware changes and the restart the system you may then be able to charge the battery sufficiently.

If this doesn’t work then yes i do believe we may need to look into a chargeable diagnostic.

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Can you check in the BIOS what the current system BIOS version you have that the chassis is running.

Thanks for you replies guys.

I’ve tried uninstalling the ACPI battery driver with no success.

My system BIOS version is 616, 2170.1I0301100.01



Can you flash to V703 and see if that helps with the issue.

As you are running 616 already you can update directly to 703. You can execute the update in Windows and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Thank you for the reply,

Just tried to run V703, however I get an error before it begins:

Power state in not safe for BIOS update. (Please check AC & Battery status.)

I have the AC in as my battery is flat. A catch 22 :wink:

I must admit this is strange as I cannot see why changing the OS would have this effect on the battery as the battery charging is based in the hardware not the OS
The only other conclusion is the battery pack is faulty or some hardware issue with the charging circuit. Without testing I cannot say which, but I just don’t see the OS playing a part in this. Without even an OS installed, the battery pack should charge if the unit is connected to the mains.

Thanks for your help. May be it was just coincidence that the upgrade and battery fail happened together!

Time to make the call. Any idea what the charge is for a diagnostics check?

Hi again Gavrob,

This is £29.99, our service centre charges are detailed here;

If you do have any further queries on this or would like to book the service, please contact us on 02392 322 500 option 1 for sales.

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Hi there,

I also have the “plugged in, not charging” problem with my Novotech NSPIRE C15B.

Unfortunately this would not have anything to do with which OS is running on the unit.

There are many forums stating that this is a common issue when upgrading to Windows 10, and I only started getting the error after doing so. I doubt that it’s a coincidence that mine, gavrob’s and many other’s laptops have failed in the same way at the same time due to battery or motherboard failure.
I have tested my battery in a friend’s NSPIRE, and it works fine. My motherboard has already been replaced once so unless Novotech has a particularly bad supply of motherboards, I don’t think it is that.

…so I’m convinced this is indeed a problem with the OS and the drivers used to manage hardware.

The standard fix for this in other forums is to uninstall and reinstall the ACPI battery driver, which hasn’t worked for me. My BIOS version is 616, but I also can’t do the suggested update because of the

Power state in not safe for BIOS update. (Please check AC & Battery status.)

issue. Is there a new version of the BIOS update that doesn’t have this error, or one that I can use to manually flash it?

Many thanks in advance.

In Windows does it state a battery is present and show what charge it has in it percentage wise or is Windows simply saying that battery is missing, does it know it has a battery connected

Hi Bix,

We have sold many tens of thousands of this particular chassis - it has had a relatively long life, being available at some point in time with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as pre-installed options on a variety of different configurations. As we have not had this issue reported to our technical support team at any other time, I can only assume that you have read forum pages referring to units from other manufacturers?

We always use our standard Windows 10 package for our preloaded systems available at , but the ACPI battery driver is something provided by Microsoft, which would be the same across all units irrespective of driver package installed.

Does the issue persist if you downgrade to Windows 7/8.1? Does the issue persist if you try your friend’s battery in your unit? Those troubleshooting steps would certainly shed some more light on this.