Windows 10 upgrade issue - nSpire 2350

Hi, I have just upgraded my nSpire 2350, (model NNB-936HB) to Windows 10 and I keep getting a black screen issue after the laptop restarts.

After trying everything on Microsoft’s Windows 10 support pages I have as a short term measure gone into safe mode and then Reset this PC (with saving my folders).

This has fixed the black screen, however it seems to happens every time the machine Restarts after an update.

I thought it might be the Nvidia GT 540M graphics, as there are now no other extra software or apps installed to cause conflict that I am aware.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Karl

What is the current BIOS version on your unit please. This can be found on the main page of the BIOS and will be something like 208 or 301 etc. If you can tell me what you have we can sort out if you need update.

Hi There, the BIOS appears to be 302, 13/12/2012

Hope that helps?

Sent you an email with instructions for bios update 303

Although to be fair i am not sure if it will help or not. We had heard of black screen issue before when installing Windows 10 on other units but in this situation the unit did not go to windows desktop at all. Yours happening after update suggests that maybe a Video Driver is being install from Windows update and its this driver that is causing your black screen. Anyway see if BIOS helps otherwise next step will be to update driver direct from Intel / Nvidia rather than use version coming from Microsoft to see if that helps.