Windows 7 build 7601 everything needs admin rights

Hello a friend of mine has the Novatech Gamma PC with Windows 7 on it. There is a build number 7601 in lower right of screen and if he plays a game or do anything it asks for admin rights. The screen is blank.
How do you repair this.

Also how do you remove the front cover on Novatech Gamma PC, and put a fan there.

Also Microsoft Office does not work with it properly.

Hello Fast-Alpha,

Welcome to the forum. it sounds as though his user account is only as standard user and doesn’t have admin rights. you can confirm this if you are able to get into control panel. Do you/he have an account with admin access?

Where is says the build of Windows in the bottom right of the screen does it also say that this copy of Windows is not activated?

As for installing a fan inside the front panel you should find along the bottom edge of the front panel there is a large gap to allow you to carefully pull the front panel off. it is advisable to remove BOTH sides of the PC to allow you to see/access the clips that hold the front of the case on, you can the squeeze these whilst carefully pulling the front away

With regards Office was this purchased with the PC or separately?

If you can give us the order number, serial number or product code for the PC we will be able to look into this and advise you on the best way forward with this issue (PM me if you wish with the order details)



These are the things I found about the computer.

Amd Penon 11x4 850 processor
4GB ram I think it’s DDR3
Amd Radeon 5670 2GB graphics card

Win 7 64 bit
Also it states driver error
Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

Hello NT again
I have found some more information on the pc the model and board number, where do I find drivers, it upgraded to Windows 10. Where can I get more up to date drivers for it to work properly.

Hi Fast-Alpha,

Your machine sadly is not compatible with Windows 10, it uses the Foxconn A76GMV which only supports Windows XP, Vista or 7.

The drivers for your unit for compatible OS can be found here;

I would strongly suggest reverting to Windows 7 on your unit to maintain full functionality.

HI Fast-Alpha

Unfortunately the A76GMV has no official Windows 10 support from Foxconn, however if you are experiencing issues or missing drivers for any of the hardware you may be able to find compatible drivers from the device manufacturer themselves.
You can do this by searching the net for the specific device, if you know the manufacturer and device version ( I.E Realtek RTL8168D Ethernet controller Version x.x) or if not you can obtain the hardware ID from within Device Manager and use this to find the vender and device IDs.

If you need help obtaining the hardware IDs let me know