X80R laptop - replace BIOS cmos battery

Hi All,
My X80R laptop is still going strong after 8.5 years having upgraded the hard drive to SSD and the O/S to Windows 10 x 64 bit.
However, recently it has been unable to display the correct time and date in the notification area. If I go into the BIOS and update the date it works fine.
I believe this points to a new cmos battery and wondered if anyone has any experience of how to access the battery and replace it?
Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi Eccy,

I also own an X80R, she is a triumphant beast! Unfortunately to replace the BIOS battery, the entire chassis needs to be disassembled and the main board removed (there is no easy way around this)

It would appear that when the chassis designers were cramming all that power into the frame there was no easy way to make the CMOS battery accessible!

I hope this helps, and you can continue to use this beaut’ for many more years!

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the prompt reply. From one or two messages online, I gathered that it was a major problem to access it.
How stupid to tuck away something like a battery so its almost, for most people, inaccessible! It should have been under a flap.
Have you replaced yours?
If so, have you any suggestions/recommendations etc?

Hi Eccy, I have just taken mine apart as it was no longer in use.

It really is a very involved job getting to the BIOS battery, the keyboard needs to be removed, to release the motherboard from the top half of the chassis. Some of the bottom screws also need to be removed.

My hope was the cable was easily accessible however the connector and the battery are side by side on the top of the motherboard!

I have taken a couple of images which I can upload it necessary.

Hi Rob,
Images would be helpful but I would also like to know the sequence you used to get to the cmos battery.
An itemised list would be best.
eg Did you start undoing screws from the base or removing the keyboard first? etc etc.
Many thanks for your assistance.

Hi again Eccy,

Apologies for the delay I was enjoying the weekend :sunny:

I would advise popping the keyboard off with the clips first then disconnecting the ribbon. This will get it out of the way for you.

Remove all the screws beneath the keyboard, and then turn the machine over and remove the bottom cover and continue to remove all the chassis screws from this.

Eventually the top half of the chassis will be free to lift off the main board and . The BIOS battery will then be available as can be seen below.

I am sorry this is not overly detailed as I have put the laptop back into my loft, and there are no resources available due to the age of the laptop.

Top Side of Mainboard.

Bottom (and dusty) Side.

Hi Rob,
Many thanks for your reply and the two images.
When you say “Eventually the top half of the chassis will be free to lift off the main board” I am not quite sure what you mean. Could you expand this a bit.
Thanks for your valuable assistance.

By eventually I meant, after taking all the screws out. (There were a lot of them). Once all are unscrewed the top and bottom halves of the chassis are removable.

It will take some time , I would advise taking images along the way to ensure any cables you may need to unplug are reinstalled to the right place.


Thanks Rob. Good point about taking images so they can be referred to later when I end up with some bits left over!!!
Thanks again for your help.

Hi Rob,

My X80R is now up and running again with it’s new CMOS battery fitted!
Worked first time after the battery was fitted so I am very pleased with your instructions and you gave me the incentive to have a go.
It would have cost me £50 to have it done plus carriage so I saved myself some money too.
Thanks again Rob.

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