X99 Boards get bios update for incoming new CPU

Ok noticed today that Asus X99 boards have a beta Bios update ready for the incoming Broadwell-e CPU’s. Fellow X99 users are any of you thinking of maybe boosting to the new 8 core or 10 core CPU’s.
I’d personally consider the the middle CPU price depending, mainly for the extra PCIe lanes over the 5820k as I may think about going tri card at some point. But only a thought as I still need a new monitor lol so could be a while before I go down either road.

Well the CPU’s are in now, not an awful lot to get excited about if your already on x99 really! Anyone in the market for this animal though https://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/processors/intelcorei72011/bx80671i76950x.html lol
What an absolute monster 10 core 20 thread beast with the price tag to match

If only I had a use for it! I very nearly got a 5960x for no reason at all when I got my X99 build but decided it would just be silly. Awesome that they decided to realse it on X99 and provide BIOS updates though, although like you say, if you have an X99 CPU already, you won’t have any reason to waste money upgrading to a new one!

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I’d like the 40 pci lanes I must admit, but its not exactly essential with today’s GPU’s x8 or x16 really doesn’t matter yet, but would like to raid 0 a couple of M2 ssd’s just for fun etc, so that would probably be the only real thing that would make me go up, but even then it’s a lot of money just for a bit more fun lol. But saying that I have a spare brand new Asus deluxe mobo just sat here doing nothing with 16g of ram spare so anything could happen I suppose :smirk:

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Would make a great ark server machine lol :joy: