XCOM 2 - New and improved?

As no one has mentioned it yet, I thought I’d start a discussion for this beautiful piece of sci fi art!

I don’t have the game yet but will be purchasing as soon as I am ready to drop off the radar for a few weeks.

It looks like they’ve made a few changes to make the game even harder than before! I like that due to the fact that most people failed to complete the campaign, they made that the canon ending to start the sequel.

Anyone else a big fan of the XCOM series as a whole, or specifically the reboot and interested in this one?

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I purchased XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it was on sale a while ago but i haven’t got around to playing it :joy:

I really like the look of it (hence why I bought it) and if I put enough hours into it I’ll probably end up getting XCOM 2.

I’d definitely recommend it. Once you get into it, it should get you mega hooked if you like that kind of game. Very punishing, forcing you to make decisions where you’d rather not. Can be frustrating when you haven’t researched as far as you should when you get fairly far in, but the idea is you are meant to fail and try again. As long as you go into it expecting to lose, but with the desire to win, you’ll love it.

I loved the original X-COM games and have played Enemy Unknown quite a bit, not yet got around to Enemy Within… but this is def on my to get list.

However as you well know @hiPeanut, most of my gaming life ATM is taken up by Ark :slightly_smiling: but I will get his once I can peel myself away from my dinos long enough lol

Enemy Within is pretty much just a minor change to Unknown. Adds a few cool things but doesn’t change the game too much.

The issue I have is if I buy XCOM 2, you won’t see me for at least a week or two :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think my generator will last that long, and my trough doesn’t fill itself!

Hard to ignore such beauty tbh think i will be getting this as soon as funds are available along with dying light the following :wink:

So as I moved house ojn the 11th and lost internet until the 21st, I decided to buy this just before my net was disconnected. Played it every day since then and it is incredible! So entertaining, had so many super intense moments where I only had one move left to get my last guys out of the fray, or the doomsday counter getting to only a few days before defeat and managing to pull it back. The switch from defender to attacker makes the game feel completely different which is great.

If you’re a fan of Enemy Unknown, definitely get this one.